“Death Race 2018 Auto-Kill In 60 Seconds!!”

“Death Race 2018 Auto-Kill In 60 Seconds!!”

The “Wrath of Kong” has taken over A.I. and ‘Self-Driving’ cars are running over cops and politicians in this super-thriller set in a ‘space-aged’ 2018-2112 time warp portal tap experiment gone ‘hot wire’.

A super geek computer-genius-nerd strikes back at his college bullies and writes a video game app that starts out as a free trial and goes viral on todays internet. Then when the big bad bullies get the ‘Kill Joy’ game something triggers a hidden virus built in to the programming and causes the game to take a mysterious turn and ends up sending all the players to the year 2112 where ‘Christy’ style “Auto-Kill” cars start wiping out cops and politicians for more game credits – plus all the munchies, beer and chicks you can handle!!

Stay tuned for further announcements from your local Emergency Broadcasting System…

…..Beginning this dark realm was the treturious anti-christ false prophet low tech death trap meets beast mode mormon spy pretenders of religious antiquities the catholic dioceses of chemical warfare Bilderburg morgue-aholic “Mayhem” elite gone old world new school for devil tattoo fartists Wrong Kong kia and write AI on Mac Down doodle pad stork pork and lickens zombie krony and missionary embedded seed of witches come crawling in dumbnumant lying layers eaves dropping on kids row leaving no new turns to monger kept enslaved pyramids on debted counting whores of fabylon roman rowman rushia mormon norman neuman blackford dred mark on coded buys of molded bread sweet plastic killing all newborns even if at twenty or more slowkills or quick kill insured to bring their death to mans every step of misfortune and tame no lens fish eyes lurking in closets cash out under the sidewalks hides any public outcry darkens skies and jets trails of monsanto laced bugs over every breather and wearer of skins numbing links to heavens gates and pearly morsels buried in lucifer assisting satan minnions of demi god moore illuminati sacrifices babies who are fed to bankers realtors and oil tycoons well politicians alice mini cooper wizard hotel rio grande set for war pigs prince of deception curtain fails to reopen skeletor universe….

“Wordist put down the secret scroll of Anton’ Black Bible he found blown accros the hills by chance while the bullies were watching to see if he had money or equipment to steal..

Stay tuned for announcements…

A ‘Concept Video Game’ by ©2018 Majestone Enterprises

Copyright© 2018 Chris Dwaine Christensen Enterprises

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